San Diego Vaca- adventures with bebe

Living in LA, San Diego is the perfect, easy vacation spot. It’s less than a 2.5 hour drive (at least it should be) and has so many baby-friendly things to do. Below are a few highlights from our trip.

Keep in mind these are all young baby friendly- can take a stroller, easily breast feed, aren’t a major time commitment, etc. San Diego has even more places if you have slightly older kids (see end of this post).

This beautiful peninsula is home to the Hotel Del Coronado, and amazing landmark built back in 1888 (!) and has a ton of cool history (more here). It is a great place to walk along the water and then go up to their outdoor ocean front deck to grab a drink and look out onto the Pacific. Another bonus is they have a candy store, Spreckels, with a huge selection of OU-D chocolate truffles. Highly suggest you grab some to enjoy while on the deck.

The little town has fun touristy shops if you want another place to stroll. But for us the walk around the water is perfect. The boardwalk area also has bike and surrey rentals, which is perfect for older kids.



La Jolla Cove

Personally, I think the beach and view at La Jolla is the second most stunning ocean view in the US (runner up to Big Sur which is hard to compete with). We love to park at the top of the hill area and grab a drink at George’s. Their second level bar overlooks the whole ocean and is the definition of breath-taking. Little Guy was a champ and slept the whole time, allowing us to enjoy a beer and cappuccino like grown ups. 

We then walked down the hill and along the water front, looking out at gorgeous cliffs, rock formations, and tons of seals. Yes, seals. I know Little Guy will love to see them when he’s a bit older. Along the walk there are benches which are great for breast feeding if needed. 


Point Loma- Liberty Station
Ok, this is one of my new favorite places in San Diego. Liberty Station was an old Naval Training station that they converted to a fantastic destination with shops, galleries, restaurants, and a beautiful park area.

We loved going to Stone Brewery, which has a great indoor and outdoor space (reprised our beer and cappuccino orders) . They are one of the many awesome craft breweries coming out of San Diego.
Afterwards we strolled around the campus. If you go, consider checking out: 


Slightly Less Baby Friendly, but awesome spots
All of these places are fantastic for slightly older kids. But with a baby, they were not worth the time, expense or long lines since Little Guy won’t get anything out of it right now (and we won’t fully enjoy):

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Birch Aquarium 
  • Legoland 

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