Book Review- The Fifth Trimester

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.34.02 AMThe Fifth Trimester by Lauren Smith Brody should be given to you by every Talent/HR department before you go on maternity leave. It is incredibly well written, giving insight and perspective to all the different facets of a working mom’s new life- from infant care options, to self care, to how to mentally frame up this major shift in your persona. Smith-Brody has enough of a perspective to make this informative but gives enough leeway and breadth that you don’t feel like she is preaching an agenda.

With that being said, I recommend you start reading a few weeks/months before you return to work vs. reading before you give birth or immediately after. For me, it was too much in the future state to process right around the birth of Little Guy.

(photo credits- book’s website)


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